Monday, June 8, 2009

Week One...

I think they got it wrong when they said New York is the City that never sleeps - "they" should visit London! It has been nothing but craziness since we set foot off the plane. We had one day to find our bearings (well, try to at least), then it was straight to work and trying to navigate this new way of life.

The tattoo studio is situated in what is regarded as a quiet town here. Back in SA, Kingston could be likened to Melville. However, my idea of quiet does not involve people constantly walking around, sirens screaming past every five minutes, shops closing at 10pm (some of them until midnight, or never) and the sun setting at 9:30pm! That has been the hardest thing to adjust to. According to my body clock, when the sun sets, it's about 7pm, dinner time, and we would be settling in to watch a sitcom. In London, 7pm sees us trawling the shops, not even thinking about dinner, or sitting outside on the porch getting sun-burnt - yes, sun-burnt!

London is the most charming place I have ever seen. The buildings are mesmerising! There is a church down the road that is 700 YEARS OLD! Imagine what that building has seen in its lifetime; if only those walls could talk!

In my first week of living in London, I never imagined that I could:

  • Get caught in a traffic jam at close to 1am

  • Buy Smarties in any form possible: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, cupcake mix, dessert...

  • Listen to somebody speak English, but not understand one word they are saying

  • See a 12-year-old pushing a pram - her baby's pram, and

  • Have the guts to ride a roller coaster that rockets from 0-80mph in two seconds

If this is only one week in, I can't wait to see what the next seven months and three weeks has in store! Hopefully in my next entry, I will be able to tell you that I mustered up the courage to stick a needle through someone. Then again, maybe not.


  1. The shop is so nice and big!

    I would love to see that 700-year-old church - beautiful!

    P.S. Send me some f those Smarties thingamajigs!!!

    Luv, Me

  2. Sounds awesome Tarrie! Keep us updates- loved reading your first entry! xxx Bronnie

  3. Sounds awesome babe!! a 12year old mother!! I still can't belive that you are still awake at 1am, that definitely doesn't sound like you!! Shop looks great:-)

  4. Gonna be taking a photo of that church, it's so quaint and beautiful. There's a ton of charming buildings in this area that I have to share with you!

    Next time we go to the shop, I'm taking pics of all the Smarties varieties - you won't believe it! :-)

  5. the shop looks great and I really enjoy reading your post
    when you said the "walls could talk",I thought the same .can you imagine who walked past there,cried there,shared their sorrows and told their stories in this church,often think that about trees Chris

  6. Oh Tarrie,

    It sounds like you are having a fantastic time!

    Only catching up on your blogposts now, they make a very good read =)

    Keep 'em coming!